Supernatural Socks: Storytime

Hello there everyone, in this article series we're going to do one of our favorite things (tell stories!).. So take a seat around the camp fire - we're going to tell a story that we wrote for our game, Supernatural Socks. We hope you enjoy it!

Hello there, my name’s Caring Caitlin. I’ll be giving you the full tour of Legendary Laundry today. I’ve been a mainstay at Legendary Laundry for as long as I can remember. I truly love living here; I’m in absolute, tranquil, bliss! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Legendary Laundry was founded in 1934 by an innovative American entrepreneur, Carl Blatz, who saw the first Laundromat open in the US in Fort Worth, Texas and decided to open his own. Carl was a fabulous entrepreneur and kept the Laundromat in tip-top shape. He was proud of the establishment he was creating. Though, he had quite a few hurdles to overcome early on. He nearly went bankrupt many a time. He even had to layoff employees, sell machines and provide discounts to attract customers. The only thing Carl never did was quit. He was tenacious, persistent and strong.

Carl spent all of his time at Legendary Laundry and in 1938 finally made a profit. Carl was ecstatic to finally make his dreams a reality. Though, to his dismay the once flourishing city was no longer booming. Carl feared that the city, which was finally recovering from the Great Depression, would fall into another economic slump. Carl was unfortunately correct. The city shrunk and several institutions did succumb. However, Carl was able to keep the Laundromat alive. It was at that time Carl met the love of his life. Julia. Carl and Julia fell deeply in love and had several children. Carl continued to operate the Laundromat and even franchised the company. At the peak he operated his location and had nine franchisees.

Carl decided to give his daughter, Esmeralda, the reins of his once flourishing company. At the time Esmeralda took over, only four franchisees still were operating. Furthermore, the flagship store was no longer in tip-top shape. In his final years operating the store Carl had been lackadaisical with store repairs. Esmeralda was frightened by the financial outlook of the company and knew it could only stay operating if drastic changes were made.

Esmeralda sold off most of the washer and dryers and began subletting the back offices to another company in order to minimize expenses. She lowered expenses below where they ever were before and her clever TV/radio advertisements brought in more consumers. Though, it was not enough. She knew that she needed to do more.

That is when she trekked to a notoriously haunted mansion, Spook’s Motel, in search of ghosts. Esmeralda found exactly what she was looking for in the laundry room. In that laundry room Esmeralda found my ghostly friends and I, foraging through the laundry. Esmeralda offered up the opportunity to come and live at Legendary Laundry. She promised that their patrons would be less likely to noticing the occasional missing sock than patrons at the motel. She said she would welcome us.

We agreed to move to Legendary Laundry and since then patrons have come from all over town to try their luck at doing their laundry at Legendary Laundry. Most of the patrons are quite menaces. They love messing with one another and try to get my friends and I to do their bidding – they yearn to see other patrons losing socks and occasionally even throw in some dirty underwear into other people’s washers.

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