Making Games and Taking Names: May 2017

Hello to the glorious fans and friends of Atheris,

We're so proud to have each and every one of you supporting and encouraging our efforts. We're so thankful to be in the position we're in - publishing tabletop games. We truly love this industry and cannot say enough positive things about it. So without further ado we wanted to say what we've been up to:

Mutant Crops 

Mutant Crops funded on Kickstarter and we received the funds May 5th, 2017. So what have we been working on?

  •  Future Farmer - We've been working with Sebastian and his wife to work on the four future farmers. Two are already in their first draft stages and the other two should be complete soon.
  • Rulebook Edits - We've hired a company to rework the rulebook for Mutant Crops and we should have a draft of this shortly. It is almost complete, but we needed to answer a few questions.
  • PledgeManager - We've been working with PledgeManager to manage our address info for the campaign and work manage add-ons for the campaign.
  • Manufacturing - We're talking to the manufacturers and will send them the final specs as soon as the rulebook is complete. We've been recommended one particular manufacturer a few times and might ultimately decide to use them instead of the company we were going to work with.
  • Shipping -  We're working with our shipping partner, but this is far out. We'll get more accurate quotes once we have exact addresses and when manufacturing is underway.
  • Distribution - We have a pre-order feeler out through Hit Point Sales (an industry consolidator) to try to gauge how much inventory we will need and thereby how many copies we should print (these retailers will get it after all of our Kickstarter backers).

Supernatural Socks 

Now that Mutant Crops' Kickstarter is finished we're back to work on Supernatural Socks. We've had socks made locally to show what we want these to look like and they look awesome! So what have we been working on?

  • The Kickstarter Campaign page is in development - We've been working on this for a while and put it on hold to launch Mutant Crops. The campaign page still needs work, but most of the headings are there. Though, some of the info was under the assumption that it would be our second project. Now we need to mention Mutant Crops as well.
  • Compiling Feedback - We're going over some of the feedback we've received from blind testing. We got fairly excellent reviews from our blind testers, but we still feel more testing is needed. We want to produce the best game possibly and don't want to cut any corners or release a game that could be better.

What still needs to be done prior to launch:

  • We need to do a few more blind tests - It is always exciting to see and hear what people think about the game when the designer is not around to add their bias.
  • We need to get reviews - If you have any favorite reviewers let us know on Facebook or Twitter so we check them out.
  • We need to hire a company to redo our rulebook - We definitely know for sure that rulebook writing is not in our strong suit and want to deliver the best quality products so we'll pay to have these rewritten to ease our customer's experience.
  • We need to finish our Kickstarter page - We had worked on it prior to Mutant Crops, but there is still more work to do.

Other Games and Such

We've also been working with another designer who has a game that we were interested in. Though we feel the game would require some alterations it definitely have a lot of potential to be a great game.

In addition to this we are working with a few potential partners who would assist with Atheris' growth plan. There is a lot of potential opportunities that await us and we cannot wait to see how they all pan out.

That's all for now!


Andrew and the Atheris Games Team 

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