Making Games and Taking Names: June 2017

Hello fans and friends of Atheris, 

We've been hard at work the last month and wanted to post some highlights of what we've been up to. We've got big things ahead of us at Atheris Games and we're super excited to share them.


We were able to go to Origins and Andrew demoed games with Mayday Games. Andrew had a lot of fun selling games for Mayday. The team at Mayday are all great people and Andrew loved to meet them all.

While most of Andrew's time was spent at Mayday's booth he also was able to go to publisher speed dating, meet with industry folks, and play games with friends. It was a great time, but a lot of work as well.

Andrew also has a few games from the convention that Atheris might be interested in publishing. If anything comes to fruition we'll definitely let everyone know.

Mutant Crops Rulebook and Manufacturing

We finished the rulebook for Mutant Crops. Coalition Game Studios crushed it. It came out great! We think it is incredibly easy to read and understand.

Sebastian also completed all the files. He sent all of the files to us and they are to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is now working on the preproduction copy of Mutant Crops!

Game Development for Supernatural Socks

Coalition Game Studios has a developer working on refining Supernatural Socks. We've learned through publishing games that more eyes on a project and differing views can create better games.

Andrew is happy creating and refining his games, but thinks the process of having an outside developer work on finalizing everything allows for insights and ideas that he would not be able to come up with alone. He is super excited to see what is to come of the game and to launch a Kickstarter campaign for it as well!

Licensing Agreement for Oni

We're super proud to announce that we've obtained the rights to publish Oni from Sebastian. It has been a pleasure working with Sebastian on Mutant Crops. Working with him and his wife on Oni is an absolute honor. We're so grateful that he has been so supportive of Atheris Games and that he has given us the ability to publish his games in English.

We think that we'll have enough capital on-hand to print some copies of the game and ship them when we manufacturer Supernatural Socks so this one might not be coming to Kickstarter, but will be available for sale by Atheris as soon as we can get it made :D.

Game Design Resources

Andrew has long been working on a project that he is just now willing to divulge. When starting Atheris we've encountered numerous challenges, problems and delays. Though, the problems were mostly on the business side we also have faced challenges as game designers. Therefore, we want to create resources for new game publishers and designers to help ease the process.

One of the first steps to our project is to create crowdsourced lists that are available to access on our website and hosted on our Google Drive account. We've been working to curate some data to place in these lists, but it would be majorly helpful if other creators and designers help list the manufacturers they utilized with their pros/cons (would they recommend them?), podcasts they listen to, and other industry resources that would assist new industry folks with navigating the industry.

Andrew's Personal Life

Andrew is personally finishing his degree in Marketing at the University of Florida. The fall semester will be his last. He is excited to finally be graduating and is looking forward to having more time to work on Atheris!

In addition, he has a potential job offer with a large multinational company in marketing that would be available once he graduates. Though his hopes is that he'll be able to work on Atheris exclusively if he has to get a job, this one would pay enough for him to invest more financial resources into Atheris.

That's all for now!

We're looking forward to seeing what is happening with Atheris next month and sharing it with all of you! Thanks for reading!

Until next time, 

The Atheris Games Team

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