How to Get a Bargain on Your Favorite Games

The first week of August is National Bargain Hunting Week. The tabletop game hobby can definitely get pricey so it is helpful to get bargains here and there. In celebration we thought we would share some ways to get bargains on your favorite board games. There are a plethora of opportunities to get discounts including shopping for sales at physical/online retailers, demoing at conventions, buying used games, as well as, game trades, all of which we’ll go over in this article.

The most obvious way to get bargains is to watch out for sales.

  • Sales


There are some sites, which typically have large discounts including Cool Stuff Inc, Miniature Market, and Amazon. These sites can be a great way to get new games for less than MSRP when a gamer is looking to save some money. Cool Stuff Inc. will sometimes discount games in which they have over ordered. Cool Stuff has an easy to navigate sales tab on their site that can be sorted by game type. Also, Cool Stuff has a free shipping for orders over $100. Amazon has insanely high discounts during Prime Day and occasionally when board games go on sale when publishers or retailers are looking to offload inventory. Reddit users and users in several of the board game Facebook groups will typically post about these sales when they happen. Amazon is also a preferred retailer for many consumers who shop with Prime since they can receive free shipping.

Physical Retailers

However, there are some gamers who love shopping at physical retail stores, whether it is a local gaming store or a mass-market retailer. We definitely prefer playing board games to video games due to the tactile nature as well as due to the physical interaction. We’re fortunate to have several friendly local gaming stores who are very helpful with providing us information about what games to pick out, which we prefer over shopping online. Retail stores will have the added benefit of not having shipping as well as the immediate gratification of being able to leave with the game you purchased as well.

  • Convention Demos

One of the best ways to get discounted games it to volunteer with publishers at conventions. Conventions are tough for publishers and most publishers are short staffed. There are organizations such as Envoy by Double Exposure as well as Indie Game Alliance that work with a multitude of publishers that may need assistance. Those gigs typically involve demoing games for publishers in exchange they’ll typically provide a convention badge, and an allotment of their games. Additionally, if enough hours are worked they might provide hotel accommodations. For fans of particular publishers this is a great way to bulk up your gaming shelf without having to spend any money.

We’ve received hundreds of dollars worth of games from demoing for various publishers at conventions in the past. It is a great perk, and is also an amazing opportunity to meet with the owners of publishing companies and get more involved

  • Used Games

There are several ways to purchased used games through, conventions, locally or at various independent game retailers. is an excellent way to get the exact games you want since there is such a large database of users with games available for sale. Though, BoardGameGeek shipping can vary since individual users post games for sale.

Conventions like Dice Tower Con allow gamers to sell their used games, which can lead to some tremendous deals. This is also a great way to get rid of some games that no longer see play time in order to get more capital for the games that truly interest you.

Local groups around the world offer used games. Some groups can be found in friendly local gaming stores and there are also Facebook groups for most local groups. Additionally, there are sometimes great games to be had at yard sales or local second hand shops like Goodwill. The main benefit of local groups is being able to see the condition of the game before buying it and not having to pay shipping fees. Though, locally there might be less selection than online resources.

Last but not least, some local gaming stores sell used games or even rent games so you can try them before buying them. This is a great way to support local gaming stores that you frequent without breaking the bank.

4) Game Trades

Game trades are difficult to arrange as it is not easy to find gamers with the exact games you want that also are interested in games you have and are willing to part with. However, has a clever resource called math trades, which involves several people trading games. Since there are more than just two people involved in the trade it is much more likely to find the game you want. Math trades do involve shipping. There are much less downside


The board game hobby is not a cheap one. In order to prevent going broke buying all the hottest games you can follow some of our ways to get bargains on games. Some of our favorite ways to get bargains include looking out for sales at online and physical retailers, doing convention demoes for publishers, buying used games and finally game trades. What are some ways you’ve got bargains on games?

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