Culling Your Collection

  1. Looking around massive gaming collections one is left wondering how many of those games are regularly played. Most likely the answer is only a small fraction, because some still have the plastic wrap on them – they haven’t even been opened yet! This is not some irregular scenario. It seems all too common for gamers to purchase more games than they’ll ever play. Other times there are games that used to see much play, but no longer fit the gamer’s needs. Additionally, when gaming groups change the player might not be able to get old favorites to the table. Gamers tend to be collectors, and one difficulty collectors have is getting rid of things. When you’re left with too many games how do you clear shelf space?

  • Sell

 The most obvious thing to do when you have games that are no longer wanted is to simply sell them. Though, unless there is a wide network locally or if you attend a lot of conventions it might not produce much return. Shipping for lower priced used games is a bit costly.

Unless selling higher ticket items or multiple items per order than this is likely not a great avenue.

  • Trade Away

 Another option is to trade away games. Again the best bet would be to trade these locally or at conventions, as shipping can be costly. However, one great thing about trading is obtaining games you want in return for games that no longer see play time. Since the online community on BoardGameGeek is so large it is much easier to get games you absolutely want than if you looked to trade for specific games locally.

For the gamer that plays a ton of games this definitely saves money instead of simply continuing to buy games while others sit on the shelf.

  • Donate to Gaming Library

 Another great alternative is to donate used games to gaming libraries for others to enjoy. If you’re no longer getting use of the game it is great to know at least others will.

  • Gift to A Gamer Friend

Finally, sometimes you have a friend who really enjoys a game that you either no longer have the chance to play or never quite fancied. That would be the perfect person to receive a game if you’re ready to part with it. If you don’t have any friends that fit this bill, but know someone trying to expand their collection that would be another great home for your used game.

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