Mutant Crops

Mutant Crops is a light worker-placement game designed by Sebastian Koziner with art by Rocio Ogñenovich. The husband and wife duo created Mutant Crops in Argentina and sold it through their publishing company, OK Ediciones.

They also own OK Art Studios were they develop art and graphic design for other games for companies such as Pencil First Games, Dr. Finns Games and of course for us at Atheris Games as well.

Sebastian and Rocio are an incredible team that we're proud to work with. We're so glad to publish Mutant Crops. It is a great farming based worker placement game and it plays in 15-30 minutes!

We would not have been able to publish the game without Kickstarter. We're so grateful for our tremendous backers for everything they've done for us.

As of this writing, Mutant Crops is currently being finalized and set-up for production.