The really Dirty “F” Word

One of the greatest fears of a startup entrepreneur is in failing. Entrepreneurs have this notion that failure is a negative, and who can blame them? Society places an emphasis on discouraging failure from a young age, even in schools where grades are assigned to assess how competent a student is. Even though the practice of failure shaming can have such devastating affects on a child's self-esteem it is prevalent throughout society.

These children grow up believing that failure is a bad thing and that it is the exact opposite side of the coin of success. However, that is not the case. Failure is integral to success.

The problem for an entrepreneur is failure is inevitable. Each and every day some blunder will seem like a failure and some of those blunders are quite large, costly and soul crushing. So how can an entrepreneur get through this?


In order for an entrepreneur to truly succeed they need to turn around their views on failure. Failure is in no way a negative even though society often deems it to be. A true innovator will fail. Any entrepreneur who is starting something unique will encounter challenges and they must see these "failures" as a chance to grow, personally and professionally.


In my own life when starting Atheris Games we began with a game I am incredibly passionate about, which involves automotive racing. I quickly maxed out all of my credit cards before realizing that the investment I was hoping for was not as close as I saw it. I was $10,000 into a game I had no ability to finish. It would have been really easy to say well I tried, that is the end of it.

The problem is I was not done. I didn't see blunder as being a massive failure, but learned as much as I could from it when developing our second game, Cul-De-Sac Conquest. In no time the game was complete and on Kickstarter - Cul-De-Sac went on to raise just over $20,000.

Success comes from each successive failure and once you do succeed, the victory means even more hang gone through such pain and struggles to get there.

Don't quit. Embrace failure and the learning benefits of failing. It won't be easy. It is hard for an entrepreneur to do so, even if they know full well that they must. The goal should be to continually think about how a "failure" can be used as a learning experience and press on even when times get tough.

You can do it!

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