Start With Why

Why are some companies successful while others are not? 

Motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and consultant - Simon Sinek - would say that a successful company starts with why before they describe how they do whatever it is that they do.


Successful organizations know the purpose of what they plan or are doing; they start with why on what Sinek calls the Golden Circle.  Non-successful organizations start with what they do, then how they do it and don't have a clear understanding of why they do it. This can be fatal to an organization, according to Sinek.

After reading Start With Why we wanted to give our current customers, potential customer, employees, and other stakeholders an idea of why we make games.

Atheris Games' Why


Atheris is made up of storytellers who believe in the critical nature of ingraining imagination and narratives into every facet of life. We strongly believe in the ability of stories to enrich the lives of readers. We are also deeply involved with charitable efforts and want to make a difference in the world by creating joy through storytelling.

Here are some of the current core values for Atheris Games:

Atheris Games Core Values

  1. Provide the Ultimate Customer Experience - Go above and beyond
  2. Focus on philanthropy - what can we do to change the world?
  3. Create and foster joy
  4. Treat customers, team members, colleagues, and all other stakeholders with the utmost respect
  5. Foster a creative environment
    1. Encourage creativity
    2. De-Stigmatize failure 
    3. Play other games
  6. Always maintain Integrity
  7. Always challenge the status quo
  8. Give every team member the authority and ability to question why processes, and procedures are the way they are and allow idea generation throughout the ranks
  9. Empower and promote leadership - mentor team members who want to grow with the company
  10. Allow team members to spend a portion of their time creating entertainment projects that interest them
  11. Foster and embrace collaboration among all levels of the organization
  12. Avoid bureaucracy

Atheris Games' How


Working as a team we design games, with story lines deeply ingrained. We then outsource artwork to artists that fit a style consistent with the style of the story we have imagined. Finally we manufacture the game and deliver it to our customers.

Atheris Games' What


Atheris Games produces games that focus on a unique and novel story and can provide happiness for players, especially by creating a platform for social engagement and interaction. These games are at their heart stories that we believe need to be told. Cul-De-Sac Conquest for example is a story about annoying neighbors who over the course of time have developed habits and routines that annoy their neighbors to no end. Now they feud and compete to annoy each other out of their little cul-de-sac.

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