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Are you a game designer or a game publisher?

Are you a game designer or a game publisher? [caption id="attachment_2659" align="alignnone" width="300"] The first car in Holeshot Heroes, the Atheris[/caption] When we were starting Atheris Games, the team was hyped up about one particular game that we were developing at the time called Holeshot Heroes (the company was actually named after the name of…
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5 Things Not To Do When Designing Your First Game

Oftentimes when I read articles on game design they are about what the first time designer should do. However, this go around I would like to emphasize what a new designer ought NOT to do. I was reading an amazing business book recently, Good to Great by Jim Collins, and it mentioned an interesting insight…
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Game Design with Mike Strickland of Outer Limit Games

When I began developing my first game (an automotive racing game which was has yet been released) I had seldom played board games, I had never read any books on game design and I hadn't even played video games regularly in years. It was quite the shocker to me how difficult it truly was to…
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