Making Games and Taking Names: July 2018


We've been hard at work the last month and wanted to post some highlights of what we've been up to. We've got big things ahead of us at Atheris Games and we're super excited to share them.



Supernatural Socks is a 15-30 minute set collection game for 2-4 players.

Supernatural Socks did well on Kickstarter in January. We're super excited to be making this game!

In June we prepared all of the files for manufacturing and got a final quote from the manufacturer.

In July we've sent all the files to the manufacturer, confirmed all the details, wired the initial payment and are now waiting for manufacturing of the first 1,000 copies to be complete.

We also signed an agreement with a sales agency that will be looking to find licensing partners for the game. We're hopeful that these talks will allow us to partner with another publisher that can produce the game in far greater quantities than we would be able to.

Ruins of Mars

Ruins of Mars is a 1.5-2 hour medium weight strategy game for 2-4 players.

We found an excellent artist, Calder Moore, to complete the technology cards and possibly even the characters in June. Throughout July he has been sending us more artwork.

Technology card process shot by Calder Moore.

Another technology card process shot by Calder Moore.

Technology card process shot by Calder Moore.

We also worked with the game designer, Don Riddle, and determined some potential changes that will reduce game length and make the game more accessible to new players.

White Elephant 

We signed a new game in June by a great designer based out of Orlando, FL named Mike Mihealsick. We now think we've found an art style for the game that we think will really set it apart.

We'll definitely be sharing more details about this in August.

Revenge at Ragnarok

Ken Shannon is going to take over this project so we're really excited to see how that goes. Ken is an excellent designer and will definitely bring the game to the next level!

WizKids is releasing Ken's latest gem at Gen Con - a solo game called Maiden's Quest. Definitely check it out. I purchased a copy and have already played a ton - Andrew.


In July we also had Dice Tower Convention, which was an amazing convention. It was incredible catching up with old friends and making new ones. We particularly enjoyed Patrick Siebert's industry gathering for Just Got Played.

As mentioned earlier, we also hashed out some new ideas for Ruins of Mars that will drastically improve the game length and ease the difficulties for new players and worked with Ken to have him take over the design for Revenge at Ragnarok. Furthermore, Andrew was a judge for the Board Game Design Lab and decided to take a further look at one of the prototypes in the competition to see if it might make a good fit for Atheris Games.

Dice Tower Con is one of the best board game conventions and one we enjoy quite a bit. We cannot wait for DTC 2019.

That's all for now!

We're looking forward to seeing what is happening with Atheris next month and sharing it with all of you! Thanks for reading!



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